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An SSL certificate from LargeServer will secure your website with both industry-standard 128-bit encryption and high grade 256-bit encryption.

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Solution Types

Positive SSL, Comodo (EV), Secure Site, Secure Site Pro (EV), Rapid SSL, True Business ID (EV)

What is SSL?

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), also known as digital certificate, establishes an encrypted connection between a web server and a website, allowing confidential information to be transmitted securely.

What type of sites can I secure with SSL?

Web Server
E-mail Servers
FTP Sites
Online Chats
Login Pages
Online Portals
Customer Portals
Transactional Website (e-commerce)
Web Portals
Corporate Intranets & Extranets
and much more…

Why should you consider SSL for your website?

SSL is the backbone of secure Internet and it protects sensitive information on the web from fraudsters and hijacking. SSL offers direct benefits to you and your customers.

– Keep all your website information secure during transmission
– Give your customers and visitors trust
– Gives you competitive edge by securing safe online transactions
– Offers strong data encryption
– Shows secure lock on your site

How do website visitors know if a website is secure?

When a website visitor connects to a web server using SSL certificate they will see that the URL in the address bar with https:// rather than the usual http://. Websites with SSL certificate will also display a small padlock in their browser.

What is EV (Extended Validation) certificate?

An Extended Validation certificate also known as EV activates browser address bars to turn green and display the authenticated organisation name and the CA that issued it. EV certificates shows to visitors that you have a highly authenticated, trustworthy website and their information is secure during transmission.

What is the Green Bar?

The green browser address bar offers an extra level of protection and increase consumer trust and confidence. EV Green Address Bar simply shows that you care about customer security.