10 tips to find your perfect domain name

.com .com.my .my .co .co.uk .xyz .biz .net .org .us .asia .name .whatever-younameit-wehaveit...



The first impression you make is the domain name. Keep that in mind as you pick the perfect one for you.


Remember to use keywords. SEO is an essential building block when establishing your brand.


Remember that with LargeServer you can host multiple websites at the same time. You can get domains for more than one project.


Is your desired domain name taken? Don't panic. Our domain search will match you with alternative TLDs.


Your brand is your most prized possession. It’s worth the investment. Keep that in mind when using our domain search.


Buy more than one domain name to protect your brand. It only cost pennies compared to the benefits your get.


It is advised that you don't use any hyphens or numbers in your domain. Non-Unicode characters are also a reliability.


The domain name is what people remember. It might be worth just as much as your product. Don't be afraid to invest.


To protect your private data, it is also recommended to get Privacy Registration with your domain name. It's cheap.


If you've found the desired domain, and it's still available - grab it fast. Popular domain names in Malaysia go fast.